The amusement industry is always innovating and developing new ride concepts and often looks to take existing concepts to another level.  The Ferris Wheel which had been around for more than 100 years was reimagined as an extreme attraction with open free swinging seating that could invert with the high speed rotation of the arms.



In the late 1990's and the early 2000's, Six Flags put great focus on adding more cutting edge thrill attraction which often had limited capacity. 

Technical Information
  Ride Height: 70 Feet
  Gondola Capacity: 8 Passengers
  Hourly Capacity: 240 Riders per Hour
  Installed Power: 121 HP
  Overall Dimensions: 131 Feet x 131 Feet
  Installation Time: 1 Day
  Overall Mass: 28.5 Tons
  Manufactured By: Soriari S.R.L. - Melara, Italy

The limited capacity of these extreme rides meant that they were better suited to be upcharge attractions to alleviate what would have been extreme lines as well as to fund their purchase. 

Turbo Force was one of two temporary extreme rides brought to the park for the 2001 season along with the Sling Shot. Both were trailer mounted carnival rides, designed to be moved as needed.  Turbo Force was setup across from the Twister ride at the top end of the Boardwalk.


Turbo Force featured seating for eight passengers with four on each arm, two sets of seats back to back. The seats featured over the shoulder restraints to secure passengers as the seats would invert through the spinning of the ride.  The seats featured plexiglass side panels to protect riders as the arms passed by.  The brightly colored ride was a visual attraction during the day and with its hundreds of lights after dark. The ride system featured a platform that raised and lowered for loading and unloading.

Watch a video of Turbo Force in action:


After just two seasons Turbo Force was removed.  Today Turbo Force's site is home to a basketball game of skill.