The Tuscan Dairy started delivering milk and other dairy products to northern New Jersey more than 100 years ago, and grew to serve the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the New York metropolitan area, the same market that made up the bulk of Great Adventure's guests. The company became a sponsor of the park's Runaway Mine Train for several years, with the familiar red and white star design of their logo found in homes and school cafeterias, as well as the most popular theme park in the area.

To coincide with the Tuscan Dairy's sponsorship of the Runaway Mine Train and promote their new product "Tuscan Pops," a new stand was introduced in the middle of the western section of the park for the 1981 season. The Tuscan Pops Shop, or Tuscan Drink as it appeared on park maps, was built to resemble a caboose.  The red and white colors (which were the colors of Tuscan's logo) of the caboose made it stand out in the middle of the surrounding western architecture. The caboose was even given a cupola on top, along with marker lantern style light fixtures on either end, faux wheels underneath, and a "T.F.R.R." logo to give it an even more authentic caboose look. The end of the caboose even had a railroad crossing sign with the name "Tuscan Farms Rail Road Pop Stop". 
Tuscan Pops were a frozen dairy treat, much like a popsicle. Tuscan promoted the treat with TV commercials featuring comedian Buddy Hackett to launch the brand. Unfortunately, the treat never really caught on, so the Pop Stop identity lasted only for the 1981 and 1982 seasons.

For the 1983 season the stand was converted to a more standard drink stand, selling sodas though still in the distinctive caboose look. It remained a soda stand through the 1985 season.

In 1986, the stand was repainted in white and became home to one of the park's multiple Orange Julius locations for two seasons. Orange Julius left this park stand in 1987, and for the 1988 season went back to a generic soda stand.

With the purchase of the Six Flags parks by Time Warner in 1991, improvements came to many theme elements throughout the park.  To unclutter the view of the Log Flume's newly refurbished water wheel and new signage, the stand was removed before the 1992 season. 
Original Spotlight:  February 12, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-1981-008.