One of the most popular rides of the 1990's that became a "must have" for amusement parks around the world was the Huss Top Spin, a flipping ride that offered different experiences with each ride, and could be custom programmed to be more or less intense depending on the ride's operator.   Six Flags added Top Spin rides to nearly all of their parks in the 1990's.  


The Twister was added at the top of the Boardwalk section of the park as part of the 1999 War On Lines. 

Twister took the place of the Joust-A-Bout ride which had been plagued with mechanical problems due to age.

The ride was given a wood grain appearance making it look somewhat rustic, not quite fitting with the Boardwalk theme or the Air Force Base themes of the adjoining sections.   The ride was originally supposed to receive a covered queue area, but while a frame work was built over the lines, no covering was ever placed on that frame.
Technical Information
Manufacturer: Huss Maschinenfabrik Corp. of  Bremen, Germany
Ride Model: Top Spin
Opening Date: April 1999
Number of Gondolas: 1
Gondola Capacity: 40 people
Number of Guests per Cycle: 40 people
Approximate Capacity: 900 guests per hour
  Base (width x depth): 75 feet x 39 feet
  Minimum height: 59 feet
Maximum Force: 4 gs
Allowable Passenger Size: Minimum 54" (4'6") to Maximum height 76 inches (6'4")
Installed power at drive unit: 240 kW
Safety Restraint: Each passenger is held by two hydraulically operated shoulder and lap bars with body-hugging cushioning which, after the smooth closing movement, are themselves locked in position by an additional pneumatic catch.
Ride Features:
Both ends of the bench supporting girder are connected to so-called spin girders through floating pendulum bearings. The spin girders in turn are connected to the main rotation axis via a ball-and-socket joint.
The thrust bearings of the spin girders with the connecting shaft are two uprights consisting of welded box girders with one flange joint each. These uprights are bolted onto a robust base structure.
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Twister was a ride that was as much a spectator attraction as a ride, with those brave enough to ride providing a great show for those watching below.   The looks on riders faces as they hung in the air waiting for the brakes to release as the car spun were even highlighted at night with lights so there was no way to miss looks of fear.

Twister's queue has been reconfigured several times in its ten years at the park.   The original shade structure which had never been completed was removed, and the railings were reduced in size to make way for an additional portable game building.   With the addition of the Golden Kingdom entrance next to the ride's queue, the line area was reduced even further, with guests often spilling out into the walkway on busy days.   The game was removed after 3 years, and the queue was reconfigured once more to what it is today.

After 8 years of operating in the park, the ride finally received a sign during the 2007 season, finally giving the ride an identity.   The sign was a wood grain design that matched the style of the ride's theme elements perfectly.