Theme parks have always been on the cutting edge of introducing the latest in trendy foods and snacks to its guests.  These tasty treats, which are usually high in calories and packed with sugary sweetness, have become an integral part of fun-filled day at an amusement park.

Introduced in 1984, two Waffle Cones stands were added to the park, one on the east side of Great Adventure and one on the western end.  The simple twin open-air windowed structure was one large room capped off with an oversized peaked roof which more than doubled the building's height.  Bright yellow backlit letters spelling WAFFLE CONES were positioned directly above the service windows and above that a small decorative balcony to match the overall Alpine-feel of the stand.

 One of the stands was located directly across from the park's Enterprise (later renamed Spinmeister) ride on the main pathway which at the time led guests to the park's biggest collection of attractions including the Haunted Castle and FreeFall ride.

During its first season, the stand was sponsored by Riccardi products.  The conical waffles were initially handmade on special heated skillets and hand wrapped around wooden cone-shaped forms where they were cooled creating the crisp brown ice cream holders.  However, before long, these were replaced by premade cones for efficiency.
During the Time-Warner years in the 1990's, the stand was set to receive an artistic overlay which would transform the modest structure into an oversized cuckoo clock but these plans never materialized.  In 2007, Ben & Jerry's took over the stand.  Gone was the WAFFLE CONES lettering replaced with standard Ben & Jerry's signage.  For the first time the stand offered more traditional ice cream concoctions instead of the oversized waffle cones which were so unique when first introduced.
In 2008, the waffle cone stand along with the entire Old Country section of the park was closed off behind tall stockade gates as part of a cost savings initiative by management at the time. The stand remained unoccupied at the park until the end of the 2017 season when a mass clearing of all structures in the area were removed for future development of the Metropolis area within an expanded Movie Town.
Original Spotlight:  January 15, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-1984-003