Water towers are often constructed for facilities that utilize sprinkler systems as part of their fire prevention measures with an elevated tank insuring adequate pressure and supply of water in the event of a fire.

As part of Great Adventure's capital improvements for 1985, an extensive park-wide sprinkler system was installed in every building and structure from one end of the park to the other.   In all, over 5300 sprinkler heads were added in almost 100 buildings utilizing over 9200 feet of water lines.  As part of the system, a 500,000 gallon back-up water supply was installed near the park's Administration building just off the main parking lot.   Construction of the water tower was completed in the spring of 1985 as the final part of the new $5.2 million fire safety system.

Since its initial installation the tower has always sported a white coat of paint from top to bottom which was applied over a reddish primer color.  To make the tower look less industrial and more appealing while viewed from the parking lot and from inside the theme park,  the water tower has featured numerous logos and artwork through the years. 

The first design in 1985 was the motto of Six Flags at the time, "We Care About You" which lasted until 1989.  In 1990,  the heart-shaped logo was replaced with an emblem used by Warner Bros. to celebrate Bugs Bunny's 50th Birthday.

Water Tower Logos
Through the Years

1985-1989 We Care About You
1990 Bugs Bunny's 50th Birthday
1991-1996 What's Up Doc?
1997-2006 Blue Six Flags Logo
2007-2009 Geico Advertisement
2010-2014 (no logo)

After the celebration, the logo was changed to a much more generic "What's Up Doc?" in 1991.  It remained until 1997 when the Six Flags Great Adventure name along with the corporations blue banner logo was painted on the tower.
With  a new management team taking the helm in 2006,  selling advertising within the parks became part of the company's new business model.  As a result, the water tower was seen as valuable advertising space and was soon covered with a banner for Geico Insurance.
The Geico sponsorship lasted for three years and in 2010 the insurance company's logo was painted over leaving the tower without any artistic details.

In the years that followed, weather and the elements took its toll on the aging coat of paint and the tower became quite an eyesore when viewed close up.
In the spring of 2015, work began on repainting the water tower.  In a matter of weeks the tower was stripped of its old and chipping paint and an attractive new coat of white was applied.  The newly refurbished tower is a pleasure to see as it stands tall as part of Great Adventure's impressive skyline.

The only thing that remains to be seen is what will be applied to the side of the tower's tank.  A retro Great Adventure balloon or rainbow logo sure would be nice!