March 2, 2011

A BIG thank you to Angel and Jenn for setting up a visit for us so we can share some of what is happening for the 2011 season!  There are still several surprises in store which we will be revealing over the coming weeks, so check back for additional photos and information.

It's always such a unique experience to walk through the park on a cold day when there are very few people around.

It's eerily silent compared to the regular operating days when you hear the music, the crowds and the roar of coasters.

The Papa John's locations have had their signs removed and new signs are on their way.

New frames for the Six Flags Media Network are being installed all around the park.
The de-theme of the former Wiggles World area is almost complete with just a few things left to modify.

The new Safari Kids theme elements are going to be really neat and make great use of the existing attractions.

Some things are getting new paint jobs while others are getting awesome new decals to create the new look.  It's going to be colorful and fun when it's all done.

The former Wiggles theater will now be known as the Adventure Theater and be host to the new Birds of Prey show.

The former site of the SS Feathersword will now be home to two kids rides, the Raja's Rickshaws kiddie scrambler and Bugaboo.   (Not sure if they will be getting new names).
The Big Red Planes will now be the Safari Planes. The former Wiggles shop will now sell a lot of the Safari merchandise and be called Wild Things. 
It's strange to see the fountain frozen.  They are working on it and hope to get Skull Mountains waterfall going again.

The Skyride cars will be getting a new look this season with their new sponsor M&M's.  They should be really colorful!

A couple of the Big Wheel's cars are off for service.

The old canopies which were not used at the remote boats have finally been removed.
The Fantasy Fling is getting a new name and will be getting new (red) paint, becoming Tornado.

Carnegie and Papa John's are out, although they will remain a deli and pizza stands.
Lots of new pavement is getting poured to replace the cracked and worn out sections.

Eruption is gone, and is being replaced with a new Slingshot ride which will be more reliable.
This winter's harsh winds have destroyed the light canvas chutes on the Parachute ride. 
As promised, our photos of the Green Lantern construction site have now been added!
Safari Discoveries is taking over the former Temple of the Tiger stadium and enclosures and looks like it's going to be a great experience that will be really unique to the park.

Doc took us through and showed us the plan which will feature dozens of animals up close.  A new koi pond will be near the entrance and the stadium will be home to the park's sea lions where you'll be able to view them on land and in the water.  Eventually there may be a sea lion show in addition to the exhibit. The pool and stage area are being resurfaced for the sea lions right now.
There will be several animal areas all filled with lush landscaping. The exhibits will be evolving with the seasons and as new babies are born in the Wild Safari.

Right now expect to see bear cubs, birds, kangaroos and other animals that normally get overlooked in the Safari.  The tortoises will be moving into the area as well, with llamas taking over the former Aldabra Island.

The new pathway will lead all around the area and into an aviary with tropical birds.
The entire area will be staffed with the park's animal care experts who will teach guests about the animals and the Wild Safari. 
Tango's sign is back in place and the ride vehicle is getting serviced in preparation for its re-opening.
The new pavement in Frontier Adventures is smooth and beautiful compared to what was there before.

More of the wood on the Fort has been replaced and even some of the wooden supports for Runaway Mine Train have been repaired or replaced.

Off season maintenance is going on with the Log Flume's lift and the waterwheel getting some needed maintenance as well.
Lots of off-season maintenance taking place around Bugs Bunny National Park including the Canyon Blaster which is getting a complete rehab.
The Cabanas are not coming back this season and they should be gone before opening day.

Musik Express is being disassembled right now. It has been sold and is leaving the park (new owner unknown).

The old Autobahn building is housing some of the ride parts for the winter including Runaway Train's cars.

Once again, stay tuned for more photos in the upcoming days!