Amusement and theme parks often bring in artisans to offer unique souvenirs.  Many of these are run by concessionaires who staff and supply the stands, and sometimes pays for the construction of the stand as well.

For the 1984 season, the Wire Craft shop was added to the park. The stand was built near the Enterprise and was designed to match the Tudor half-timber style of the surrounding buildings and fences.

Several concessionaires could be found throughout the park at the time, and the park often charged the owners of the concession for the construction and maintenance of the buildings as well as taking a percentage of the sales generated. Most of the concessions were "art" related and required workers with specialized skills, in this case jewelry makers.

The rectangular stand featured a very basic layout with the front two-thirds of the building a display area for merchandise and the back third a storage/support room.  The front of the shop had two panels which could be removed opening the stand to guests behind a shop-wide counter.  Glass windows on the sides of the building let in light and offered additional viewing angles.
After the 1994 season, the shop received a facelift and update as it became a crystals shop. The entire face of the building was re-clad with new plywood and a fresh coat of paint.  Gone was the half-timber motif replaced with a more traditional look with wood siding.

Around 1998, the little shop would take on the name Magical Crystals and become part of a mini-land within Fantasy Forest which included other nearby medieval offerings including the Knight's Realm restaurant,  Q-Zar laser experience, and several related game options.
In 2004, the Leather Shop was introduced with custom leather items, dog tags, and other engraved merchandise.  It lasted for several seasons leaving at the end of 2010. With no other contractors interested in operating the stand, the park took it over for the next season.
For the 2011 season, the stand became Glow, selling a variety of light up merchandise. With the creation of inexpensive LED gadgets, theme parks began carrying more and more glow toys-- bubble wands, head bands, necklaces, etc.

During the Holiday in the Park events, the Glow name would be updated to Polar Point Glow with the regular assortment of merchandise supplemented with Christmas themed items.
For 2021, Flashpass took up residence, offering an "Express" location for guests to pick up their skip-the-line passes, and for 2022 it became Party Poopers featuring an array of "Poop Emoji" themed merchandise.

From handmade jewelry to plush poop, the Wirecraft shop has offered a wide array of merchandise and offerings since debuting in 1984.  With its small footprint and central location, this versatile stand probably will have many additional roles in the years and decades to come.
Original Spotlight:  November 16, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  SHOP-1984-001