Ride - Enterprise (II) Ride - Haunted House (walk-thru) MOVED & RENAMED
Ride - Haunted Castle Across the Moat (walk-thru) Coaster - Alpen Blitz Close Encounters = Scrambler
Kiddie - Astro Liner RENAMED
Ride - Tilt-a-Whirl Kiddie - Great Race Scooters = Fender Bender
Coaster - Rolling Thunder Attraction - Garden of Marvels Woodland Express =
Six Flags Great Adventure Railroad
Kiddie - Crazy Cars Facilities - Info Booth Giant Wheel
Kiddie - Kiddie Karousel Facilities - Info Booth Old Main Panarama Wheel = Lil' Wheel
Kiddie - Little Big Wheel   Moon Flume = Ride the Rapids
Kiddie - Mini Swings   Speed Racers = Dune Buggies
Food - Goya Food Stand   The Jackson 500 = Happy Hotrods
Food - La Cantina Hot Dogs   Great Cruisers = Kiddie Boats
Food - Wee Dounuts   Screamer = Lil Thunder
Shop - Los Sombreros   Fountain Hamburgers =
Great American Hamburger
Shop - Sweet Tooth Candy  
Shop - Enchanted Forest Gifts   Pizza Filling Station = LaPizzeria
Shop - Schultz's Greenhouse   Hot Dogs!HotDogs! = The Top Dog
Facilities - Public Storage   Fountain Snack Stand =
Liberty Hot Dogs
    Bandstand on the Lake =
Bandstand by the Lake
    Front Gate Photos =
Liberty Square Photos
    Shirt Shop & Leather Craft =Shirt Barn & Leather Craft
    Freedom Fountain = Liberty Fountain
    Parking Lot = Firestone Parking Lot
    Lost Parents = Lost Parents &
Lost and Found
    Dream Street Arcade = Dream Street Arcade/Fascination Parlor