Condor Calypso Waffles and Cream
Bugs Bunny Great Western Railroad Fender Bender Bumper Cars = Aqua Express Hot Dogs
Marvin the Martian's Space Chase Monster Spin Looney Tunes Theater
Magic Hands Tilt-a-Whirl = Bugs Bunny Theater
Sylvester's Scooters Paddle Creek Remodeled Main Entrance Ticket Takers
Bugs Bunny Land Canopy Little Big Wheel  
  Yosemite Sam's Sandbox  
  Porky Pig's Petting Farm  
  Looney Tunes Land Entrance Climb  
  Flea Market  
  Goodtime Alley Bell Ringer  
  Lightnin' Strikin' Bell Ringer  
  Rope Climb - Parachutes