A big part of the full experience of visiting a theme park is the endless variety of food offerings.  While food options continue to become more elaborate, many food stands keep up with the changing menus and appetites of their guests.

After an off-season fire destroyed the original Fortune Festival games area in 1982, the area was quickly rebuilt as Goodtime Alley with flashy new games. The area was the focus of development for the next three seasons with new attractions added at the far end to draw guests past all those games and their tempting prizes. Joust-A-Bout was introduced in 1982, then the Parachuter's Perch in 1983, and the Sarajevo Bobsled in 1984. With all that new traffic to the area, additional food outlets were needed to serve all those guests.

In 1985, the Karl Ehmer Bratwurst Stand opened next to the Sarajevo Bobsled entrance. It was the first year-round food facility outside of the three major restaurants to offer beer on tap.  After two seasons it became Griddle Vittles with a similar menu. 
Sarajevo Bobsled was removed at the end of the 1988 season, and the Great American Scream Machine took its place for the 1989 season. With the new roller coaster, the stand took on a new name, Great American Hot Dogs. This was not to be confused with the Great America Hamburger stand located near the fountain. In 2001, it was a change of sausages, going from hot dogs to sausage sandwiches.  The stand was once again renamed to the Great American Sausage, then in 2005 becoming Great American Snacks, and changing again in 2007 to Premio Great American Sausage. 
In 2010 the Great American Scream Machine was out and in 2011 the Green Lantern stand-up coaster was in.  With the addition of a second superhero coaster in the area the stand was made over into Superhero Snacks. For 2018 there was a slight menu and name change with the arrival of Superhero Fish & Chips. The stand offered fried fish, shrimp, and chicken along with fries.  For 2019, seafood was out, but the chicken remained as the stand took on the name Chickies, offering a variety of Kosher meals.
Though never considered a major food outlet at the park, what started as the Bratwurst Stand nearly four decades ago has continued to evolve with park and serve guests endless thirst and hunger needs over the years.
Original Spotlight:  October 25, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-1985-001