Changes in technology have had big impacts in many ways including on theme parks. Of course new technology has brought innovations in attractions, but it's also made changes in offerings throughout the parks. As the Internet really became an important part of life in the 2000's, parks adapted and began to offer more ways for guests to stay connected while inside the parks for their day of fun.

The 2000's saw many changes and updates to Great Adventure, especially around the Fountain area as the centerpiece of the park. New brands and concepts were introduced as part of the Red Zone management team era at Six Flags.  Their efforts included modernizing and bringing in familiar food and beverage brands hoping to drive sales by offering things people knew from outside the parks.

As part of the upgrades the park decided to add a "cyber cafe"- a concept that was found in strip malls where people could log into a computer with high speed internet access which was still not something everyone had access to at the time. Smart phones were just starting to become a thing, and not many people had them. Even when they did, service was limited, so sometimes people wanted to access a computer to touch base throughout their days.
The 2008-2009 off-season saw the removal of a shop attached to the left side of the Carnegie Delicatessen (formerly Colonial Cafe) and the demolition of the neighboring Cold Stone Creamery stand which debuted at Great Adventure as Wee Donuts in 1979. 

The new construction of the Cyber Cafe to the left of the Carnegie Delicatessen building also included a brand new Cold Stone Creamery outlet to the left of the Cafe.  Together, the three connected outlets would serve as an in-park destination for the company's new emphasis on name brands and new offerings at Six Flags parks.

The Cyber Cafe was planned, like so many other cyber cafes, as a place with not only computer access, but also a locale for trendy coffee drinks and baked goods, offering a Starbucks style experience without that branding.  

One of the gosld of the Cyber Cafe was to serve as a place to get breakfast type foods in the park, and particularly fresh donuts and pastries.  A donut kitchen was placed in the front corner of the building closest to the Fountain. Here the machinery including a conveyor belt past the windows would showcase the hot, fresh donuts being made and enticing hungry guests to buy them fresh off the line.
In addition to the fresh donuts the Cyber Cafe offered a wide array of baked goods. Delicious looking crepes, cookies, muffins, and brownies were available along with a full range of coffee drinks. Donuts were offered with custom toppings made to order.

In the Cyber Cafe's seating area, the windows facing out onto Dream Street had a counter with several computer terminals. In 2009 and the early 2010's Great Adventure didn't have park-wide Wi-Fi and most people's phones didn't have the fast connections for data through their cell networks. The computers gave guests a chance to check email, surf the web, and check in on the outside world while in the park. 

The Cyber Cafe was also a great place to sit and relax for a few minutes, escaping the heat.  Comfortable oversized chairs were positioned in small groupings encouraging guests to sit down, relax, and partake in some casual conversation and tasty treats. 

Outside the Cyber Cafe, umbrella-covered tables lined the front and sides of the building to accommodate even more visitors albeit without computer terminals.
As the 2010's went on technology improved for everyone's cell phones and smart phones became more common, making the Cyber Cafe less relevant since most people had all the access they needed in their pocket all the time. The park added additional Wi-Fi service in more locations throughout the park until the installation of park-wide Wi-Fi in the summer of 2019.
For the 2015 season, the Cyber Cafe was renamed the G.A. Cafe since the novelty and need for an internet cafe was no longer required. With the new G.A. Cafe identity, the bakery was modified. Instead of donuts, the Cafe specialized in funnel cakes, declaring it had the "World's Greatest Funnel Cakes". For 2021, the name was updated again, becoming the Six Flags Funnel Cake Factory.
Original Spotlight:  February 13, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-2009-003