The following is the original proposal and concept artwork for Great Adventure which was presented to potential investors in the park.   The plans were quite ambitious, and were never fully realized, though some of the earliest concepts appeared in the park in slightly different form when it finally opened in 1974.   The text is verbatim from the original typewritten proposal and is worded and punctuated exactly as it was originally written. 
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Located near the parking facilities, surrounded by forest, Dream Street is a thousand foot long shopping extravaganza, with a large square at each end.    The squares have large, spectacular fountains in the center, and are surrounded by shops and restaurants.   The first square is at waterís edge.   Directly off the 150-foot wide Dream Street are several smaller squares and avenues.   All streets and avenues contain fountains, benches and multitudes of flowers.   Entertainment constantly occurs in the streets and the squares: clowns, baton twirlers, musicians, bands, snake charmers, fire eaters, jugglers, fairy tale characters, circus performers.

The shops are a fantastic representation of the merchandise they sell.   For instance, the hat shop is a large, turning hat.   The candy shop is a gigantic lollipop, the candle shop a burning candle, etc.

Many of the stores also feature working craftsmen or workshops and factories where patrons may watch the merchandise being produced.

Shops Ė a partial listing:
Clocks and Watches
Candy and Candy Factory
House of Magic and Magic Shows Makeup and Disguise
Stationery, Cards, Post Cards and Posters
Garden Supplies
Books & Records 
Music & Musicians
Art & Artists
Stamps & Coins
Rocks, Shells & Feathers
Farmerís Market & Fancy Gourmet Food
Soaps, Cosmetics & Potions
Leather & Leather Makers
Silver, Beads & Jewelry
Candles & Candle Makers
Glass, Stained Glass & Glass Makers
Pottery & Pottery Makers
Fairy Tales (merchandise such as Snoopy, Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Superman, etc.)

NOTE: The Fairy Tales shop became a reality as part of the Enchanted Forest as one of the four tent structures at the park's original entrance.

International Shops

  • Copper & Brass
  • Toys & Games
  • Antiques
  • Clothes
  • Stuffed Toys
  • Gadgets and Curios
  • Western
  • Costume
  • Flower Arcade


Ice Cream

NOTE: The concept of the Ice Cream restaurant was incorporated into the Enchanted Forest as the Yum Yum Palace. The building was the perfect representation of Warner LeRoy's concept of fanciful structures that looked like what they sold.  
Pastry & Ice Cream Factory
Hamburger & Snack stands
  • Coffee & Doughnut Makers            

  • Cafes & Restaurants along the street and in the squares

Note: All merchandise may be picked up at a central building on the edge of the parking lot.