The following is the original proposal and concept artwork for Great Adventure which was presented to potential investors in the park.   The plans were quite ambitious, and were never fully realized, though some of the earliest concepts appeared in the park in slightly different form when it finally opened in 1974.   The text is verbatim from the original typewritten proposal and is worded and punctuated exactly as it was originally written.   



A camping and wilderness area containing:

1.    Several thousand campsites completely equipped with electricity, water and sewer.

2.    Cabins and tents.

3.    Stables and horses.

4.    Trading post and market.

5.    Swimming facilities.

6.    Archery and rifle range.

7.    Tree houses, playgrounds, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor games.

8.    Bonfires and camp games at night.


Wild Country was an area of the park which never was fully developed though work began early on.

The concept of Wild Country sounds very much like Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World with it being a full campground with resort facilities.

Wild Country was designed to take full advantage of the beautiful wooded property, and would have been located off Reed Road, which is home to the Timberland Lake Campground (formerly Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Campground).

This postcard of Jackson gives an idea of what Wild Country might have looked like.