Bumper cars have long been a staple of carnivals, amusement parks and theme parks around the world, and the ride manufacturers developed a modern version of the traditional "Dodge 'em" cars which was portable and available in varying sizes.  These rides were colorful and usually featured elaborate lighting to draw attention to them.

The first season of Great Adventure proved to be a mixed success, with large crowds causing long lines, so for the 1975 season the park's ride capacity was increased by 50%, with the most popular rides (the Log Flume and the Bumper Cars) being duplicated as part of the new offerings for the sophomore season. The Skooter was introduced as part of the new Fun Fair section of the park and offered a second bumper car ride to help handle the crowds.

The Skooter was located in the far corner of the new ride area, on the edge of the (then) undeveloped woods. The Traffic Jam bumper car ride was the "world's largest" when it opened in 1974, and the Skooter was even bigger when it opened the following season.

 The ride featured different styles of cars than the original Traffic Jam ride and an elaborate fiberglass facade that made it look very different. The Skooter changed names in following seasons becoming the Scooter Cars from 1976-78 and finally Fender Bender from 1979-1987.

1975  Skooter
1976-1978  Scooter Cars
1979-1987  Fender Bender
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After the 1987 season, the Skooter was removed and the site it had occupied sat vacant for several seasons until construction of the Batman Stunt Arena in 1992.