Thursday - May 25th, 2023

On the eve of the Memorial Day Weekend kickoff to summer, the park has been prepping with additional facilities opening for the season including the new Build-a-Bear and Quick 6 stores.  It looks like at least two rides which were delayed until Memorial Day Weekend will not open yet - the Log Flume has track missing at the base of the ride's first lift, and the Skyway is still without any cars in the storage racks.

Even so, new plant beds are in bloom and several buildings have new paint.  Enjoy these photos!

    The red carpet has been rolled out for Diamond guests.
Build-a-Bear has opened on Main Street.
  Retro Great Adventure logos!  
Six Flags Photos signs have been removed.  
  The Rolling Thunder car has been removed.  
Electricians were working on Barnstormer.    
  All signs on Oasis Snacks have been removed. Seaport Eats now has the benches from Best of the West Barbaque.
  Nitro had three trains on the track. The new blue and grey looks much better than the bright pink.
The Skyway was suppose to open this weekend but there aren't any cars in sight.
No more on-ride photos park wide.    
  Fender Benders has been painted.  
Drinking fountains still need to be added to the restrooms near the Skyway.    
The Adventure Alley Bell Ringer has been removed. Flying on the Sky Screamer is still available.
An Alphabet Garden has replaced the defunct remote cars.    
  Quick 6 essentials shop has opened!
These colorful lanterns are reminiscent of early '70s decore.  
Tea Cups sign and booth have been repainted.  
Looney Tunes Camp Kitchen has been boarded up.  :(    
    Runaway Train was testing.
    Log Flume track missing.
Houdini's covered queue has been changed into a VIP Lounge Garden.  The ride's line has been rerouted to the preshow entrance.