The following is the original proposal and concept artwork for Great Adventure which was presented to potential investors in the park.   The plans were quite ambitious, and were never fully realized, though some of the earliest concepts appeared in the park in slightly different form when it finally opened in 1974.   The text is verbatim from the original typewritten proposal and is worded and punctuated exactly as it was originally written.   
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A lakeside amusement area containing:

A large arena and pool for killer whales who perform magnificent leaping feats.   Whales may also be viewed be viewed from below water windows.

An arena and pool for performing dolphins and penguins.

NOTE: The Aqua Stadium was one of the concepts incorporated into the final design of the Enchanted Forest.  The penguins were never included, instead incorporating Sea Lions.

Boat Safari
a mile long boat ride.   Boats are followed by sea lions who perform and leap for food fed them by patrons.   The boat travels past a number of islands inhabited by chimpanzees, gorillas and gibbons.  Along the shore are many animals such as wild boar and raccoon.   On its trip, the boat passes a spectacular burning house and other surprises.

NOTE: The site for the Boat Safari is the creek that runs along side the Fort and El Toro.  The "burning house" is pictured approximately where the bridge stands today.  

Lakeside stadium
and water ski show.

NOTE: In 1983 the Great Lake Grandstand brought this idea to life, though in a completely different location.  The depiction in the rendering shows the stadium in the area beyond where the Log Flume was built.

The Yellow Submarine
an under water ride past fish, sea monsters, mermaids, sunken cities, sunken ships, treasures, through storms, earthquakes and whirlpools.

NOTE: The Yellow Submarine ride was planned for the area which became home to the Fort and Log Flume when the Enchanted Forest was constructed.

The Mariner Frigate
an extraordinary frigate in perfect working order which sails across a lake.

New England Waterfront Restaurant
a salty restaurant serving salads, fish and other delectables.

NOTE: The New England Waterfront was set to occupy the edge of the lake which is currently home to Best of the West and the Western Shootout.

Spinning Boats
similar to bumper cars but in the water

Performers in and above the water
log rollers, high divers, aerial acts, clowns, kite flyers and others.

NOTE: The High Divers were incorporated into the Aqua Stadium when the Enchanted Forest was constructed.
  • Alligator Island
  • Drive Yourself Boats
  • Waterfront snack stands