The following is the original proposal and concept artwork for Great Adventure which was presented to potential investors in the park.   The plans were quite ambitious, and were never fully realized, though some of the earliest concepts appeared in the park in slightly different form when it finally opened in 1974.   The text is verbatim from the original typewritten proposal and is worded and punctuated exactly as it was originally written.   
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Located on two beautiful peninsulas surrounded by lakes and joined by a 200-ft. bridge in the shape of a rainbow.   This beautiful, pastoral area contains:

Picnic grounds with picnic restaurant, barbecue pits and all facilities for outside country dining.

NOTE: The concept of the Picnic Ground came to the park as the Garden of Eatin' during the late 1970's.

Animal touching and feeding area with more than 400 baby deer and llama plus roosters, sheep, rabbits, mice, giant tortoises, goats, cockatoos, macaws and parrots and other exotic birds.

NOTE: When the Enchanted Forest was constructed, the Happy Feeling area incorporated the idea of an animal touching and feeding along with displays of birds and other animals.

Old MacDonald’s baby animal farm where many of the animals born in Safari are brought until they are old enough to join the herds.   Baby bears, tigers, lions, monkeys and others.

NOTE: This idea was brought to life only recently when in 2007 the Wild Safari Exploration Station was created, offering guests a close up view of some of the smaller animals as well as the new Safari babies.

Small World – twice the size of a football field, this is a miniature world, with more than 200 working trains, planes and boats.   Buildings are built to a scale of 1 to 25 (a 100-ft. building is 4 ft. high).   The buildings are 100 great castles throughout the ages.   Water and walkways wend throughout.

NOTE: The Enchanted Forest introduced the concept of the miniature world with the Miniature Marvels area, which incorporated the scaled down world including famous palaces, boats, trains and scale mountains.

Antique Car Ride – children of all ages can drive themselves in antique cars which cannot go off the road.

NOTE: The Antique Car ride was included in the Enchanted Forest design.

Carousels – four old and magnificent carousels, holding 200 people, linked together under a single, beautiful pavilion.

Water Carousel – a carousel in the water.

NOTE: Only a single antique Carousel was built as part of the Enchanted Forest.

The Gingerbread Garden Restaurant – overlooking the Animal Touching Area, Small World, on the water’s edge, a beautiful café with food served by Hansel, Gretel and their fairy tale friends.

NOTE: The Gingerbread Fancy restaurant was part of the final design of the Enchanted Forest, known today as Granny's.

The Wabash Cannonball – a steam engine ride around Over the Rainbow and Neptune’s Kingdom.

NOTE: The train ride was included as part of the Enchanted Forest though it was just a scenic round trip rather than a mode of transportation.

Large pond holding hundreds of swans, ducks and geese.

Snake tree
with twelve 30’ pythons

NOTE: Happy Feeling included a Snake House where the giant snakes could be viewed safely behind glass.  

Giant Slide
– a 300-ft. long slide.

Children’s Playground and Fairground – all manner of rides and outdoor play for children twelve and under.

NOTE: The Ride-A-Rama children's ride area that was included in the Enchanted Forest was similar in design and concept to the rendering.
  • Fish ponds with thousands of goldfish

  • Mouse village.

  • Farm house containing rare cattle.

  • Bat cave.