The following is the original proposal and concept artwork for Great Adventure which was presented to potential investors in the park.   The plans were quite ambitious, and were never fully realized, though some of the earliest concepts appeared in the park in slightly different form when it finally opened in 1974.   The text is verbatim from the original typewritten proposal and is worded and punctuated exactly as it was originally written.   

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A drive-through Safari Park with more than 10 miles of road.   The animals are separated into twelve different sections.   The carnivorous animals are separated by species from each other.    All animals have large barn-like facilities out of sight where they may go during inclement weather.    This is the largest assortment of wild animals in the world outside of Africa .    There are large herds of tigers (45), cheetah (25), puma (25), bears brown, black, polar (100), giraffe (50), zebra (60), antelope (250), baboons and other monkeys (250), elephants (40), rhinoceri (20), camels (25), ostrich (100), kudu, hartebeest, wildebeest, deer, kangaroo, wild goat, wild sheep, cranes, flamingoes, vultures, hornbills, buffalo, moose, elk and others.   The drive-through Safari has many natural highlights, such as oak and maple forests, lakes and waterfalls, wild flowers and flowering trees.
Baboons and Monkeys
Brown Bears and Black Bears
African Plains area with Giraffe, Zebra and Ostriches
Wild Goats and Sheep
Kudu, Hartebeest, Wildebeest Deer, Buffalo, Moose, Elk and others.
Polar Bears
Elephants and Rhino