Rides - FreeFall Show - Fort Fireworks Moved
Rides - Parachuter's Perch Attraction - Woodland Gardens Rotor
Paid - Paddle Boats Facility - Season Pass Processing at the Western Shootout Tilt-a-Whirl
Show - Great Lake Grandstands Games Square Basketball Throw
Shop - Ski Show Gifts    
Food - Ski Show Snacks   Renamed
Food - Western Icee   Aunt Jemima Waffles =
Food - Loops Icee   Waffles and Cream
Food - Front Gate Icee   Hernando's Hide-a-way Drinks =
Food - Parachute Soft Serve   Orange Julius
Food - Rapids Soft Serve   Donut Kiosk = Orange Julius
Food - Bandstanza Pretzels   La Cantina Hot Dogs =
Food - Carousel Pretzels   La Cantina Tacos
Food - Aqua Stadium Drinks   Glass Etching & Crystal Jewelry =
Food - California Natural Stand   Crafts & Encyclopedia Britanica
Food - Skyride Snack Stand    
Games - Parachute Rope Climb