For the park's tenth season the crowds continued to grow and to keep up and continue the momentum, three big new attractions were introduced. A new show venue was added with the Great Lake Grandstand and Water Ski Show. The lake had been drained and the stumps removed over the off-season, and the new show opened in the spring.

The world's tallest ride came to Great Adventure for 1983 with the introduction of the Parachuter's Perch. The 250' tower was relocated from Six Flags Over Mid-America and positioned at the top of the Goodtime Alley games area as a visual draw to bring guests past the games.

The real star attractions of 1983 was the Freefall ride, the first ride of its kind in the area. The state of the art attraction was an immediate success drawing huge crowds. Six Flags had introduced the same ride at several of their parks simultaneously, and created a commercial campaign that piqued the interest of thrill seekers.

Other new attractions at Great Adventure in 1983 included new fireworks shows on the lake, new shows in the Americana Music Hall and new costumed characters with the introduction of the Shirt Tales. Kiddie Kingdom was remodeled as Shirt Tales Land and the area was modernized with new attractions.

To help handle the ever growing crowds, a major new food location was added to the park with the addition of the International Food Fair. The western themed building featured multiple counters each selling different types of food from around the world.

Despite a severe economic recession, the park set new attendance records and things were looking good for the future.





Drink Stand - Fort 
Wheelburger Cheesesteaks Drink Stand - Kiddie Kingdom 
Great American Hamburgers Drink Stand - Dream Street 
Bandstanza Drink Stand - Neptune's Kingdom
  Seafood House Stand Drink Stand - Orange Julius
  LaPizzeria & The Top Dog Music Hall Drink Stand
Mustards Last Stand Western Icee
  Potato Factory Loops Icee
  Pizza Parlor Front Gate Icee
  Waffles and Creams  Parachute Soft Serve
  Rapids Soft Serve
  Rancho Goya Tacos Bandstanza Pretzels
  Carousel Pretzels
  Orange Julius (Dream St) Aqua Stadium Drinks
  Games Cotton Candy California Natural Stand
  Aqua Cotton Candy Skyride Snack Stand
  Cookie Shoppe  
  Rapids Funnel Cake  
  Ski Show Snacks  

Dream Street Arcade & Gift Shop Skill Token Parlor/ Fascination Parlor
Bandstand by the Lake Bell Ringer
Paul Revere's Hats Hernando's Hide-a-way Games
Dream Street Portrait Artist Miniature Marvels Golf
Old Time Photos Pedro's Pitch
Fireball Express
Dug Out Sports Shop Fort Remote Boats
Film Fair Lightnin' Strikin' Bell Ringer
Great Lake Grandstands Liberty Square Photos
  Fort Shop - Old West Hats
Flume Photos Pinball Parlor
  Parachute Rope Climb
  Crafts & Encyclopedia Britanica  
  Mad Hatter  
  Main Entrance Balloons  
  Sweet Tooth Candy  
  Kandy Kitchen  
  Airbrush Art & Custom Wood Signs  
  Hocus Pocus Gag &
Magic Shop
  Liberty Square Novelties  
  Rapids Gift Shop  
  Ski Show Gifts  
Gateway Toyota Parking Lot Fort Restrooms
Liberty Fountain Garden of Eatin' Western Shoot Out Restrooms
Main Entrance Ticket Booths Aqua Spectacle Restrooms
Pond Main Entrance Ticket Takers Pretty Monster Restrooms
Koi Pond Main Entrance Group Sales/Guest Relations/Season Pass Strawberry Fair
First Aid/Security Office Fun Fair Restrooms
Lost Parents/Lost & Found Main Entrance Restrooms
Dream Street Blockade Public Storage Old Main Entrance Restrooms
Getty Gasoline Station  
  Season Pass Processing (Western Shootout)  
  Group Sales (Outer Mall)  
  Parking Lot Toll Plaza