Great Adventure's debut season was a great challenge and a great triumph on many levels. The accelerated pace of construction which saw the park rise out of the barren woodlands in just months meant that many things were scaled back or postponed in the building process. Great Adventure as constructed felt the growing pains of any new park with long lines everywhere as the crowds were larger than expected at times and the facilities could barely meet the needs of the throngs of people.

At the same time, in many respects the 1974 season was the most magical since the park's creator, Warner LeRoy, was very hands on and didn't fully understand what was and wasn't possible. A great number of the attractions, shows and food offerings were so impractical they only lasted for the inaugural season, giving way as theme park industry experts were brought on board to try and improve the park's operations and finances.

The premier season was also when the park was closest to what Warner LeRoy had envisioned for the Enchanted Forest with beautiful tree covered walkways, and with the park's buildings and attractions being obscured almost completely from view until guests happened upon them.

The 1974 season got off to a late start on July 1st due to construction delays in the project.  Even so, on opening day a major portion of the park was still incomplete with the Rootin' Tootin' Rip Roarin' western themed area not opening until July 4th. To help compensate for the late opening the park remained open  through Thanksgiving weekend, with closing day exactly five months after opening day on December 1st, 1974.





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