Ice Cream has long been a favorite treat for hot summer days and a welcomed snack while visiting a theme park. Parks have often added multiple locations for frozen treats throughout the extent of their property.

As part of Great Adventure's 1983 theme park expansion three new major attractions were added, and along with them several additional shops and food outlets. The most visible new attraction was the 250' Parachuter's Perch tower, and right beside its base a new food stand was added featuring soft serve ice cream simply named Parachute Soft Serve Cones. It was the perfect spot for cool refreshments with the lack of shade in the newly paved area around the tower.  Its remote location at the end of the newly expanded Goodtime Alley games area was a welcomed addition as the nearest ice cream outlet was quite a distance away at the Yum Yum Palace.
Parachute Soft Serve was a small stand, just large enough for a single cashier, the soft serve machines, and operating supplies. Originally it was an open-air stand, but service windows were added after a few season when the countertop was reconfigured for easier wheel chair access.
In 1994 with the Time Warner acquisition of Six Flags, a focused effort was made to restore and enhance theme elements in the park, in some cases creating a new theme where none had existed before. The upper end of the games square was originally unthemed, but with the arrival of The Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure simulator ride, an Air Force base theme was added to the section's rides and attractions. As part of this update in theming the Parachute Soft Serve Cones became the Flight Line Canteen.  While the stand took on a military look with the sides and roof having grey corrugated sheet metal applied to it, the menu offerings remained the same consisting primarily of soft serve ice cream and cold drinks.
After a decade as the Flight Line Canteen, the stand took on another make over in 2005.  Theme parks tend to follow trends, and Dippin' Dots unique brand of ice cream was growing in popularity. Carts selling Dippin' Dots were being added all over the park, and the Flight Line Canteen became one of several Dippin' Dots locations to operate in an actual food stand. The permanent structure allowed for an extended menu featuring the popular ice cream treat including sundaes consisting of combinations of flavors as well as floats.

 While the stand's name no longer references the parachute ride, today the originally named Parachute Soft Serve Cones stand is painted bright red and blue serving to still complement its humongous namesake, the parachute tower.
Original Spotlight:  January 11, 2021.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-1983-003