One of the less spoken of but most necessary features of amusement and theme parks are the restroom facilities.

With the 1993 introduction of Batman: The Ride, one of the park's older restroom facilities (Fun Fair Restrooms) was removed to make way for the spacious courtyard in front of the new coaster.  The demolished facility was replaced with the Blue Parrot Restrooms located several hundred feet away next to the Stuntman's Freefall ride. The extensive makeover of the previously unthemed area into Movietown was part of the park's massive upgrading under the Time Warner ownership of Six Flags. The Time Warner Boutique was also added at the same time, and between this new store and the Studio 28 Arcade (Skeeball Barn) a themed fence was added with silhouettes of great movie scenes on an oversized yellow and black strip of film.
As Movietown proved to be very successful,
the area needed additional restroom facilities so a few years later for the 1998 season, the Movietown Studio Rest Rooms were built between the store and arcade, replacing the film fencing. The restroom was a simple box of a building like many others in the park, but a central raised facade gave it the echo of a film studio sound stage. The simple signage was illuminated with a series of vintage style spotlights which furthered the theme of early 20th century studio architecture.  This design was selected over two other options - an airplane hangar and an industrial-like facade.
The central location in a very popular area of the park has made this facility one of the most highly trafficed restrooms in the park. The restrooms have dual entrances and exits on the sides of the building - women to the left and men to the right. 

While the restroom facility does not appear to be large from the outside, it does afford ten toilets and five sinks in the women's room and three toilets, five urinals, and four sinks in the men's room.  A storage room is positioned inside the front of the building and a utility closet accessible from the outside behind the men's room.

Eventually a mast for the park's traditional restroom banners was added in front to help guests locate the facility from a distance. Over time a large guide map was installed on the front of the building and the outer water fountains were removed . The building received a new blue/gray paint scheme in 2019, freshening up the outside appearance.
Original Spotlight:  August 9, 2023.  GAH Reference#:  REST-1998-001