Six Flags Great Adventure continued its cycle of growth as the 1980s began with multiple new attractions to accommodate the increasing crowds.

The big new ride for 1980 was the Buccaneer swinging ship.  One of the first installations of this type of ride, the Buccaneer was considered a real thrill and would have lines in excess of one hour at peak times.

The Buccaneer along with the Adventure Theater replaced the Grand Prix ride which was one of the park's original attractions. The new Adventure Theater offered a (then) state of the art 70 millimeter film on a 180 degree screen. The films offered an immersive experience with exciting action scenes that surrounded the audience.

Other new features in the park included new games like the Fireball Express, which used a radar gun to measure the speed of guests pitches. This was very popular as guys tried to show off their pitching skills and crowds would often stand and watch as the speed popped up on the digital display.

Additional facilities included a new treats stand named "Kiss My Cookies" which was located near the fountain, and a gas station positioned near the property's entrance/exit to alleviate concerns of the gas shortage issues of the time.

To try and extend the park's season and keep guests coming into the fall, the park introduced Oktoberfest. The centerpiece of the festival was an authentic fest halle transported from Hanover, Germany and added to the Garden of Eatin' picnic grove.






Drink Stand - Fort 
Wheelburger Cheesesteaks Drink Stand - Kiddie Kingdom 
Great American Hamburgers Drink Stand - Dream Street 
Bandstanza Drink Stand - Neptune's Kingdom
  Drink Stand - Hernando's Hide-a-way
  LaPizzeria & The Top Dog  
Mustards Last Stand
  Potato Factory  
  Liberty Pizza  
  Aunt Jemima Waffles   
  Rancho Goya Tacos  
  Wee Donuts  
  Games Cotton Candy  
  Aqua Cotton Candy  

The Import Bazaar Goodtime Alley
Skeeball Palace
Bandstand by the Lake Dream Street Tent Arcade/ Fascination Parlor
Paul Revere's Hats Safari Shoot Out
Dream Street Portrait Artist Fortune Festival Stands
Old Time Photos Bell Ringer
Dug Out Sports Shop Hernando's Hide-a-way Games
Film Fair Miniature Marvels Golf
  Liberty Square Photos Pedro's Pitch
  Fort Shop- Old West Candle Co. Fireball Express
  Flume Photos Fort Remote Boats
  Lightnin' Strikin' Bell Ringer
  Old Main Caricature Artist  
  Mad Hatter  
  Main Entrance Balloons  
  Sweet Tooth Candy  
  Schultz's Greenhouse  
  Kandy Kitchen  
  Airbrush Art & Custom Wood Signs  
  Hocus Pocus Gag &
Magic Shop
  Liberty Square Novelties  
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First Aid/Security Office Fun Fair Restrooms
Lost Parents/Lost & Found Main Entrance Restrooms
Public Storage Old Main Entrance Restrooms
Dream Street Blockade Getty Gasoline Station