The biggest attraction added in Six Flags Great Adventure's history to date came in the eighth season with the addition of Roaring Rapids, one of the very first river rapids rides in the world. The ride was developed by INTAMIN in cooperation with Six Flags, and it was an immediate success at the first park to receive it, AstroWorld, so Six Flags added new versions of the ride as quickly as possible to their other parks. The public loved the exciting new ride and lines stretched for hours on hot days.

The new ride required a large plot of land, and the Six Flags Great Adventure Railroad was removed to make room for it. To reach the new ride, a long new pathway was built that included new shops and food stands. The new area further extended the boundaries of the park creating more space for the larger crowds coming each year.

Each season new attractions came to the park in many shapes and forms. Each year new games were introduced, offering new challenges and even new game locations. New shows were always being added, and the Americana Music Hall doubled the number of shows as live productions and the multi-media Great Rock & Roll Time Machine alternated on a jam-packed show schedule.

The summer crowds in 1981 were bigger than ever, with the park setting single day attendance records that have never been surpassed in the years since. The concerts the park hosted in the summer of 1981 brought huge numbers of people to the park, causing traffic jams on Route 537, backing up onto Interstate I-195 and all the way back to the New Jersey Turnpike.   





Drink Stand - Fort 
Wheelburger Cheesesteaks Drink Stand - Kiddie Kingdom 
Great American Hamburgers Drink Stand - Dream Street 
Bandstanza Drink Stand - Neptune's Kingdom
  Seafood House Stand Drink Stand - Hernando's Hide-a-way
  LaPizzeria & The Top Dog Music Hall Drink Stand
Mustards Last Stand  
  Potato Factory  
  Liberty Pizza  
  Aunt Jemima Waffles   
  Rancho Goya Tacos  
  Wee Donuts  
  Games Cotton Candy  
  Aqua Cotton Candy  
  Rapids Funnel Cake  

The Import Bazaar Goodtime Alley
Skeeball Palace
Bandstand by the Lake Dream Street Tent Arcade/ Fascination Parlor
Paul Revere's Hats Safari Shoot-Out
Dream Street Portrait Artist Fortune Festival Stands
Old Time Photos Bell Ringer
Dug Out Sports Shop Hernando's Hide-a-way Games
Film Fair Miniature Marvels Golf
  Liberty Square Photos Pedro's Pitch
  Fort Shop - Old West Hats Fireball Express
  Flume Photos Fort Remote Boats
  Lightnin' Strikin' Bell Ringer
  Glass Etching & Crystal Jewelry
  Mad Hatter  
  Main Entrance Balloons  
  Sweet Tooth Candy  
  Kandy Kitchen  
  Airbrush Art & Custom Wood Signs  
  Hocus Pocus Gag &
Magic Shop
  Liberty Square Novelties  
  Rapids Gift Shop  
Firestone Parking Lot Fort Restrooms
Liberty Fountain Garden of Eatin' Western Shoot Out Restrooms
Main Entrance Ticket Booths Aqua Spectacle Restrooms
Pond Main Entrance Ticket Takers Pretty Monster Restrooms
Koi Pond Main Entrance Group Sales/Guest Relations/Season Pass Strawberry Fair
First Aid/Security Office Fun Fair Restrooms
Lost Parents/Lost & Found Main Entrance Restrooms
Dream Street Blockade Public Storage Old Main Entrance Restrooms
  Getty Gasoline Station  
  Season Pass Processing (Western Shootout)  
  Group Sales (Outer Mall)